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First years of his life

In 1928 one of the pioneers of this university was born, then he was known regarding the name of his home village, Elturabi. Where this village was a place which a lot of Sudan big numbers in many aspects of life where born. And professor Dafa’allah Abdulla Elturabi was one of them.
As most of that generation he spent his childhood travelling around Sudan. When he joined high school which was the only one at that time – Kitchener Secondary School- which was divided into Wadi Saidna and Hantob schools where he graduated from in 1946.

His college life

This talented engineer showed  an outstanding abilities during all his college life. He wanted to continue studying in science which was taught for two years then the college which the student join is determined. But circumstances got him in engineering which gave degrees for mechanical and civil departments.
Then he went to London University where he continued his postgraduate studies after he studied again to get the bachelor degree. After he finished from studying and working in the United Kingdom he returned back to his university where he put the foundation of what it is a source of pride until these days.
Some of his accomplishments when he is the first dean of the faculty of engineering:
•    Lowering the number of studying years
•    Starting the department of chemical engineering
•    Developing the electrical engineering to be an independent department.
•    Construction of  some buildings
•    Rehabilitation of its laboratories.
Afterwards he moved to Nigeria then to KSA then after about 20 years of spreading knowledge all over different nations he backed again to Sudan.


During the period when he was the dean of the Faculty of Engineering and while he was going through the old engineering books – Those where written in the first centuries- he was induced by the Arabic language and how it was the language of science in the first years of the second millennium. So he founded in the Arabicizaition unit in 1991 and was it president from that time and he wrote several books and dictionaries for Arabic- English scientific terms and ran many conferences and seminars regarding this issue.


Engineering had been blessed by this character. Specially in Sudan where he founded and supervised a lot of buildings which are still standing as he visualize it. We mention from them:
•    Abu Anga Bridge in Umdurman
•    ALfitihab Bridge in Umdurman
•    Railways Bridges over the river Nile.
•    Marwi Dam project.
•    AlRosairis Dam project.
•    Alshifa’a factory destruction report
•    Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research building.